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Protea Foundry & Engineers is a Closed Corporation (cc), Founded in Cape Town South Africa in The late 40's. Mainly dealing with the production of.

  • Sacrificial Anodes (Aluminium and zinc)
  • Bronze products for marine applications(Pumps, Flanges)

Protea offers a broad range of Anodes in both Aluminium and Zinc to international specifications, and offers anodes to large offshore vessels along with 3rd generation fisherman.

Protea Foundry & Engineers Has 40 years experience manufacturing Cathodic protection to the marine, offshore oil rigs and Marine civil industries. Protea's core business is to manufacture both Aluminium and Zinc sacrificial Anodes. Protea Foundry is based in Cape Town (South Africa).

Corrosion is a natural process, metals (In natural states) are combined with other elements to form solid compounds. Exposure to natural environments E.g. the Sea, causes the metals to revert back to the original oxidized state known as "corrosion".

Cathodic Protection:

Sacrificial anodes are designed with more negative electrochemical potential than that off of the structure of metal. This results in the polarisation voltage potential becoming a lot more negative. Polarisation is caused by the current flow from the anode to the cathode.
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